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Cavallo Hoof Boots

Sore footed Sally with sensitive soles, enjoyed wearing her Cavallo Entry Level Hoof Boots on her fronts (Sparkly or Bling) and hinds (Black).  I'm often asked if the Cavallo Insoles are worth having and Sally says yes! She wears the comfort pads on the front because they are softest and thickest in my opinion and gel pads behind.   She is also prone to rubbing a bit with her sensitive skin so she wears the pastern wraps too. Any enquires please call Louise 07711685623 or email I leave them on longer than perhaps ideal 23 hours a day! But they..  - Read More

Cavallo Hoof Boots

Bling Plaster for new year not just Bling Boots

Happy New Year I hope yours was better than mine. Just got my bling plaster today, thanks NHS.  It's almost as sparkly as Cavallo Bling Boots. Slipped in garden, in case you were wondering, no horses within a few miles. Just the cat and she was the reason I was walking across the lawn!  See picture she's not showing me much sympathy.  - Read More

Bling Plaster for new year not just Bling Boots

Heat Stress and Hard Ground for Horses

I' m so hot and so are my horses! How to keep them happy and well? We have shade in one paddock in the late afternoon and another during the morning. So I try to rotate the horses to follow the shade.  The Hoof Boots are in regular use now too. The horses have recently had a trim and need a bit of protection from the hard ground. I use my old black boots for in the field and if I go riding I will use my newer Glittery / Sparkly Entry Level Bling boots to dress up. They manage..  - Read More

New Cavallo Hoof Boot exclusive to Horse and More

We're so excited!  Cavallo are launching their latest NEW hoof boots with Horse and More into the UK from 1 May 2016. They're superb. Made of the same material as the popular Cavallo Sport Hoof Boots they're light and hard wearing.  But they also have the great features of the Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots in terms of replaceable Velcro front fastenings and availability in singles.  This makes it so easy if you want to replace just one boot or you need two different sizes on your horse.  The new ELB as it is called (Entry Level Boot) is of superb quality yet at a really affordable price..  - Read More

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