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Concord Equestrian Straw Pellets

Price £390.00

Concord Equestrian Straw Pellets

Made from locally sourced UK wheat straw and come in pellet form.

The pellets are highly absorbent and can absorb 4 x their weight in liquid.

They are thoroughly dust extracted and therefore extremely low levels of dust as well as stable ammonia, creating a healthy environment for horses and ponies. 

The pellets break down into a lovely soft springy bed which is both comfortable and warm. It has been recommended as a good supportive bed for laminitic hooves.

The initial bed will need 6-8 bags to set up for a 12 x 12 stable. You can water the pellets to speed up the process of breaking them down, but it's not necessary, so you can leave them dry and the horses hooves will break them down over a couple of days. The pellets expand about 7x their size.

There is very little waste when mucking out and the muck heap is much smaller in comparison to other beddings. The bed will only need topping up with 1 -2 bags a week. Straw breaks down faster than wood and is also less acidic. 

Storage is much easier than straw bales as they are delivered on a pallet and can be stored outside with a cover over them.

Straw pellets are more sustainable and environmentally friendlier than wood based products as straw is a bi product of farming crops and cereals. They only use the best quality British Wheat Straw and all of the Straw used is sourced in the UK.

Dr David Marlin has just completed a bedding study comparing a number of different bedding. Concord Equestrian bedding came out top of the overall best choice of bedding.

The absorbency, levels of dust, cleanliness of bedding, customer service and cost factors were all measured. They also researched the best beddings for horse with laminitis and Concord straw pellets are one of only a few they would recommend to provide hoof support and comfort.

There are 65 bags on a full pallet. They come in easy to handle 15kg bags with recyclable plastic bags. Or bulk bags are available on request. 

Delivery can be postcode dependant so please make contact before ordering. 

One full pallet of 65 bags including vat and delivery is £390 at just £6.00 per bag.

40 Bags, including vat and delivery is £260

30 Bags, including vat and delivery is £200

20 Bags, including vat and delivery is £140

Smaller amounts are available too, please ask. 07711685623

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