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Cavallo English Saddle Pad

by Cavallo
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Cavallo Saddle Pads are designed to distribute the riders weight evenly under the saddle.

The pad sits on the weight-bearing longissimus dorsi muscles on either side of the horse’s backbone,  this helps to keep weight off the horse’s spine. This allows room for the horse’s scapula to move properly under saddle so the horse can stride out freely and comfortably.

There are three key materials used when making Cavallo saddle pads:

1. Nitrex Closed Cell Foam (Non-PVC foam) that has a low resilience and low penetration value. This means it provides excellent shock absorption, insulation, cushioning and rebound (G-value energy return). This is greatly superior to traditional foams. The material is lightweight and does not absorb water or sweat.

2. Open-Cell Memory Foam to help evenly distribute rider and saddle weight. This material contracts where the saddle is tight and remains full where the saddle has less contact.

3. 100% New Zealand Merino Wool carded and consolidated into a dense material. The resulting cloth is then heat-bonded for stability, durability and abrasion resistance. This material is breathable insulating and wicks away moisture.

The pad also has genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings and aeration perforations to facilitate cooling.

Key benefits:

  • Shock absorbent so saving the backs of horse and rider
  • The slow release memory foam creates a gentle massaging action help to promote blood circulation
  • Reversible - you can use with the wool side to the horses back or the closed cell foam (black side) to the horse's back
  • Weighs around 1 pound (0.5kg)
  • Helps improve saddle fit
  • Provides more comfort for your horse even if your saddle fits perfectly
  • Helps protect the spine
  • Cutback allows relief at the wither
  • Allows one saddle to be used on multiple horses

These saddle pads come in one size - see image for dimensions. You can use a thin saddle cloth along with this pad if you wish, but make sure it is thin! You can also use the pad on it's own. 

There are three English All Purpose saddle pads to choose from:

Cavallo All purpose

This is the general purpose saddle pad.

Cavallo Raised Wither

Thicker at the front and gradually tapering to the rear. Lifts the saddle at the wither to re-establish balance and correct position.

Cavallo Wedge

Has a gradual rise to the back.  Favoured by jumpers and those who wish to move forward with the horse.  

For more information on saddle pads go to our Frequently Asked Questions.




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