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A specialist online retailer for Cavallo Hoof Boots. 

Does your horse or pony need Hoof Boots rather than Shoes?

We offer assistance to our customers in choosing the Best Sized Hoof Boot for your Horse or Pony. 

Benefits of Barefoot:

  • More self reliant on hoof care 
  • More natural for the horse
  • Your horse cannot take metal shoes anymore due to poor hoof condition
  • Stiff and fidgety horse doesn't want shoes fitted
  • Needs rehabilitation for foot injury or laminitis
  • Sometimes needs cushioning for tender or bruised soles, maybe hard ground or just after a trim

We stock the complete range of Cavallo hoof boots. This includes Trek, Simple, Sport and Entry Level boots (ELB). We also stock Cavallo Big Foot Boots (BFB) in size 7,8, 9 and 10 as well as Cute Little Boots (M1 to M4 in regular and slim fit) for tiny Shetland hooves. Transport Air Boots are available as a special order. Combined with Hoof Boots, the Hoof Boot Pads and Pastern Wraps or Sleeves are here too, to keep your horse comfortable in work, rest or rehabilitation.  

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