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Welcome to Horse & More

Horse and More is a specialist site helping horse owners keep their horses' hooves healthy.  No hoof no horse!  We are the UK's favourite Cavallo hoof boot stockist providing expert help and advice on choice and fitting.  We stock the entire range of Cavallo horse hoof boots.  This includes Trek, Simple, Sport and Entry Level boots (ELB). We also stock Cavallo Big Foot Boots (BFB) in size 8 and 10 as well as Cute Little Boots (CLB) for tiny Shetland hooves.

Going barefoot with your horse might be for any number of reasons.  Perhaps you just want to adopt a more natural approach to hoof management?  Or maybe your horse cannot take metal shoes anymore due to poor hoof condition?  Or are you having to rehabilitate your horse or pony due to injury or laminitis?  Whatever your reasons for going barefoot, Horse and More can guide you through the process and help you choose the right hoof boots and the correct size for your horse.

We also now stock the fabulous "next generation" Evo Boot 1.0. This beautiful, stylish boot, promotes hoof mechanism in four dimensions.

Again focusing largely on hoof health, we stock a range fabulous horse supplements to help keep you horse in good shape. 

We're the main UK on-line supplier of Mayo Horse Comfort EVA stable mats for the ultimate in stable luxury.  Replace your heavy, hard rubber stable mats with our cushioned stable mattresses and help protect your horse’s legs and hooves whilst making mucking out almost a pleasure!

We stock a range of horse favourites including the luxurious lambskin LeMieux saddles pads and numnahs.

Service is key to Horse and More.  We are happy to talk to our customers to answer any queries and we aim to despatch products within one working day.  Our delivery charge is just £6, but if you spend more than £100 we'll deliver for free. Take a look at what our customers say about us here...

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