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After a lovely chat with Liz on the phone about Hoof Boots and other things, I am very excited to be part of the Horse and More family - Louise Lucas.

Riding in Hoof Boots on the local lanes helped us brilliantly. They have lots of benefits: more Grip on Slippy roads, less Clatter sounds as the horse Spooks, Comfort over Rough ground, Stays on through the Muddy bridleways. Take them off and let the Horse Live Barefoot in the Field, where there's Less Injuries and Less Poached Paddocks. Maybe better long term health for the Working Horses. Also Quicker and Cheaper visits from the Farrier or Barefoot Trimmer, possible DIY Hoof Trimming. Win win.

My second hobby, (keeping this quiet from the classical music world) was playing classical music, in the woodwind section, as a professional Oboist and teacher.

This is where I have been: juggling musical work, caring for horses and having a family too.

I was lucky to have my first Horse when I was 13. Jack was a wonderful athlete (in his youth) and companion. He was a very determined, loving and intelligent Appaloosa cob. He went blind in his early retirement and became sore and stiff from Arthritis, with hindsight did he really need to have had shoes on for his whole working life when he could have been Barefoot with his very solid and strong hooves?  I hope to share our stories and also find and advertise the products that can help other horses and their carers/owners.

I have used Hoof Boots for about 15 years. Mostly for Rehabilitation, because my lovely late pony Bobby was terribly affected by Laminitis.  Having very Thin Soles he couldn't be Barefoot for long and couldn't keep his shoes on, before they pulled off causing more Damaged Hoof Walls.  Thankfully, my brilliant Farrier recommended some Hoof Boots to try. There wasn't a lot of choice at that time. These Hoof Boots saved Bobby's life for many years. The same Boots have lasted us forever! Indestructible! But unfortunately they rubbed badly in muddy field conditions. If only I had tried the newer styles, it could have helped him more in his last few years, with the additional Ems and Cushings.   

Around the same time of  about 15 years ago my beautiful Thoroughbred mare Sally, just didn't seem right in shoes. She had been barefoot anyway as a broodmare and once broken in by me needed a solution for hacking out on rough ground. So Hoof Boots came to the rescue again. She still loves to leap about Barefoot in the field, even though she is quite an old lady now at 24, you could not tell - she leads, the rest follow at a slower pace!


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