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Heat Stress and Hard Ground for Horses

I' m so hot and so are my horses! How to keep them happy and well?

We have shade in one paddock in the late afternoon and another during the morning. So I try to rotate the horses to follow the shade. 

The Hoof Boots are in regular use now too. The horses have recently had a trim and need a bit of protection from the hard ground. I use my old black boots for in the field and if I go riding I will use my newer Glittery / Sparkly Entry Level Bling boots to dress up.

They manage in boots for 12 hours and then have a rest for 12 to let the feet breath and cool down. But they can also go longer if needed, as they are well worn in. 

Sweating, lethargic, thirsty.... And that's just me!

I 'm trying to give frequent wash downs with insect repellent shampoo and reduced any riding to only the coolest part of the day.

Fresh cool water is available at all times and salt licks hanging in the shade.

They are also wearing their black UV filter fly masks, fly repellent (although they don't like it) and sometimes their fly sheets.

They also like to stay in the shelter and the stables out of direct sunlight, but it's still so hot inside. I've checked all the vents and windows are open and we're lucky because they can go in an out as they please rather than to have to shut the door! The webbing stable gates or stable bars are a good idea if they had to stay in.

Hope you manage to keep yourselves and your equines cool.

Best wishes, Louise




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