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Cavallo Hoof Boots

Sore footed Sally with sensitive soles, enjoyed wearing her Cavallo Entry Level Hoof Boots on her fronts (Sparkly or Bling) and hinds (Black). 

I'm often asked if the Cavallo Insoles are worth having and Sally says yes! She wears the comfort pads on the front because they are softest and thickest in my opinion and gel pads behind.  

She is also prone to rubbing a bit with her sensitive skin so she wears the pastern wraps too.

Any enquires please call Louise 07711685623

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I leave them on longer than perhaps ideal 23 hours a day! But they work brilliantly with an hour off to air the boots and feet.

After a trim this summer she was sore on the hard ground. I've been keeping a close eye on her weight by restricting her access to grass and keeping her moving on a electric fenced track, thanks to Agrifence Easy Electric tape

Sally is getting on in years 25 and might have increased sensitivity due to a number of reasons, one could be Ppid (cushions) developing because of her age. This will be monitored closely especially through the autumn, when it can become more acute.  

 Other Hoof Boots at Horse and More are also still available. As well as advice on fitting and sizing and general barefoot horse maintenance.

For any enquiries please call Louise 07711 685623 or email


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