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Electric Tape Agrifence Easy tape now in stock

Agrifence Easy tape  Easy to use, good strength robust and very economical. Great for setting up extra fences to stop over grazing. I've recently been setting up a track for the fat ponies. On alert for laminitis. As well as setting up another fence to split the field so the big horses can have more grass, while some grazing also rests.  - Read More

Electric Tape Agrifence Easy tape now in stock

There couldn’t be a better time to take the plunge and go barefoot!

If you’ve been thinking about having the farrier take off your horse’s shoes, then now could well be a great time to make the move.  If the shorter and colder days mean your horse can anticipate a decrease in workload this will give time for the transition to be done and allow him or her to adapt to the changes.  By the time the days are getting longer next year you and your horse could be well into experiencing the benefits of being barefoot.    Going barefoot gets fresh blood circulating to provide nourishment and oxygen to your horse’s feet..  - Read More

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