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Cavallo Cute Little Boots

by Cavallo SALE
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Cute Little Boots CLB's These Boots are in Pairs

The Cavallo Hoof Boot for the tiny hoof, called the Cute Little Boot CLB.

They are suitable for the Miniature Shetland and other very small pony breeds.

This hoof boot is similar to and the mini version of the Entry Level Boot Style.

They are available in the Slim and Regular fit sole. 

There are four colours to suit every pony:

Black,  BLING (Sparkles),  Unicorn Pink and Metallic Blue.

About these boots:

The boots have a very durable and abrasion resistant sole with side drainage slots. They offer great traction and support for the hoof.

The upper on the CLB is made from a robust, hard wearing and heavy duty industrial grade 1680 Denier Nylon.

The neck of the boot is finished with a lovely soft foam collar for the pony's comfort around the pastern.

The heel of the boot is made from supple leather and offers flexibility and moulding properties for the heel bulbs.

This boot has a convenient, easy to use front opening system with a replaceable Velcro closure, branded with an attractive reflective logo for safety.

Key features:

  • Heavy duty industrial grade 1680 Denier Nylon Upper
  • Soft foam collar
  • Reflective safety logos.
  • Replaceable Velcro closures
  • Cavallo signature built in side drainage slots to allow water to enter and exit, and air to circulate.
  • Exclusive patented front opening upper system. 


If you are looking for hoof boots for your pony, with an added extra SPARKLE... then the Cute Little Boots (CLBs) in Bling are perfect for you.

Or go all "matchy matchy" and colour coordinate with Pink or Blue.

 A useful tool to help with recovery and comfort for your pony is the

Cavallo CLB Cushion Pad available here. It is made of foam, it adds soft cushioned support and comfort to the foot.


The size M1 is made to fit the smallest of miniature horses and is available on request.

The M4 is sized to fit a large miniature horse or pony or very small regular horse hoof.  The M4 is also offered to “bridge the gap” between Cavallo’s miniature and 0-6 size ranges.  The M1 – M4 size range now gives a complete range of sizing, covering every small hoof. 

Please measure carefully and have a look at some helpful measuring tips here.

Suitable for hooves of the following dimensions:

Width is the widest part of the hoof from side wall to wall.

Length is from toe to buttress line - do not include the heel bulb.

N.B. It's best to measure within a week of a fresh trim.

Please measure carefully and study the chart to find your size. The boots allow for growth and expansion. There is no need to go up or down a size, but obviously like trying on shoes you will need to do the fit test.

The boots will also need a breaking in time before leaving them on for many hours. 

These boots come in pairs only.

 Please contact 07711 685623 or directly for more information or help.



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