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The Hoof Boot Stud Application Kit

by Cavallo
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Hoof boot studs are a great way to improve grip in slippy situations. But we don't recommend their use all the time as they can potentially cause too much traction and torque on the hoof in dry conditions when they're not needed.

The studs can be removed and re-installed, but if the rider is using the boots with and without the studs, the tread of the boot will wear away when the studs are not being used.  For this reason, we do caution riders to monitor the tread wear to make sure there is always enough tread left to hold the head of the stud securely. Some riders prefer to have one pair of Cavallo hoof boots with studs installed for winter, and one pair without studs for the rest of the year!

The Hoof Boot Stud Application Kit includes the new, improved applicator tool and 12 studs. The tool fits in the end of the drill so stud application is quick and easy.

These studs provide improved grip so will help to secure a better foothold on slippery surfaces including ice, snow and muddy terrain.

Points to remember about Studs:

  • Ensure the boots are well fitted and your horse is accustomed to wearing hoof boots before applying studs.
  • Studs should be applied to both hoof boots to avoid imbalance.
  • To avoid injury to both the horse in question and other horses, do not turn horses out wearing studded boots. 
  • Use studs with care to avoid injury. Legs, hooves, pasterns and coronets can be damaged by studs.
  • Take care to avoid being stood on when handling horses wearing studded hoof boots - it really hurts!
  • Make sure, when drilling, the stud does not extend past the sole of the boot - this may be a problem with older boots with worn soles.
  • CAUTION when using studs with Slim soled boots. The sole tread may be thinner than with Regular soled boots resulting in the studs penetrating through!
  • Remember, when going out for a ride on slippery terrain, studs provide extra traction, but have their limits. Therefore, always use cautionary judgment to evaluate whether it is safe knowing how your horse will react to being ridden in these conditions. Protect yourself, your horse and others around you.
  • Caution when making the decision to go for a snowy ride to ensure everyone gets through the winter safely without injury and can look forward to enjoying the warm sunny rides in the months ahead.
  • Lastly, it is best to use studs only when you really need them.  The rest of the time go without.

 3 Easy Steps to apply Studs to the hoof boots:

  • Pre-drill 1/8 inch locator holes with a 3/16 inch drill bit.
  • Lock stud into position on the end of the application tool.
  • Position end of the stud tread over the drilled hole and slowly drill the stud into the sole tread until the base of the stud head touches the sole.

For additional help, follow the link below outlining the simple stages to installing the studs.

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