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Cavallo TPU Support Pad (pair)

by Cavallo
Price £17.00

The Cavallo TPU Support Pad is made from a specially formulated industrial grade thermoplastic urethane compound to help absorb everyday shock.  Placed in your Cavallo hoof boot it will provide you horse with additional comfort and help tighten boot fit.  The Support Pad is firmer than the gel pad and so more hard wearing.   

Cavallo’s Enhanced Hoof Protection Pad inserted into your hoof boot absorbs shock on hoof strike and minimizes fatigue. Cavallo’s advanced technology brings a new dimension to comfort.

For use with any Cavallo Hoof Boot.  Comes as a pair.

One size. Cut to fit Cavallo Boots size 0-6.

Key attributes:

• Increases comfort

• Provides cushioning

• Eases shock

• Tightens fit

• Extends boot life

• Relieves impact

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