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Concord Equestrian Straw Pellets

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                                          Straw Pellets from Concord Equestrian 
                                An excellent alternative and economical bedding.

These are excellent pellets they are easy to use, economical, more absorbent than straw and wood pellets, biodegradable, sustainable, good for composting and for spreading back on the land as well as other advantages. I'm a huge fan of them and use them in my stables and field shelter.

Please note: Delivery time is different to the other products on this site as they come directly from the manufacturer.

Please allow 5-7 days. But sometimes it can be 7-10 working days when it's really very busy..

What are They?
Concord Straw pellets are small yellowy beige hard pellets, made from dust extracted, fine particles of straw. They are pure 100% straw compacted into pellets. They are extremely absorbent and an excellent choice for horse bedding. 

Where are they from?
Concord Straw pellets are made from locally sourced 100% UK wheat straw.
They are locally produced and shipped from Concord Equestrian, a farm in Bridgnorth Shropshire, West Midlands.

What benefits are there when using them as an equine bedding?
They create a lovely soft springy bed which is both comfortable and warm.
This bedding is a deep and supportive and comes highly recommended for laminitic hooves. See Dr Marlin's report below.

The pellets are highly absorbent and can absorb 4 times their weight in liquid. They pellets expand to about 7 times their size, so they are compacted meaning that they come in 15kg bags but expand with moisture and break down under foot.
They are easy to store.

They have extremely low levels of dust as they've been thoroughly dust extracted.
They are very absorbent of liquids, but can also reduce the smell of stable ammonia and therefore make a very healthy environment in the stable, barn or field shelter.

They are easy to clean out, with very little waste. This means the muck heaps are much smaller.

Straw is a sustainable by-product and breaks down faster than wood, so it is a very environmentally friendly product.
Straw is also less acidic than wood.

How to use:
For the initial bed you will need 6-8 bags, for a 12 x 12 stable. The bed may need topping up with 1 -2 bags a week.
It's not necessary to water Straw pellets, they will break down by absorbing moisture from the air. But it helps to speed the process up a little particularly if your horse is prone to tasting fresh from the bag.
The pellets naturally break up under the horses hooves over a couple of days. 
The Concord Equestrian Straw Pellet rake is excellent at spreading the pellets evenly around the stable.

Mucking out:
Skip out the muck piles and rake flat. Take out any wet patches that come to the surface.
There is very little waste when mucking out and the muck heap is much smaller in comparison to other bedding's. Straw breaks down faster than wood and is also less acidic, which is excellent at neutralising the horses waste. 

Delivery and Storage:
There are 65 bags on a full pallet. The options of 65 or 50 bags per delivery, shipping is included.
They come in easy to carry 15kg bags, made from recyclable plastic. 
Your details will be passed to the delivery company upon purchase.
  • Pallet dimensions are 1.2m x 1m, height half a pallet is 1m and a full pallet 1.7-2m high, approximately.
  • The pallets are wrapped in shrink wrap and can be stored outside with a waterproof cover.
  • Deliveries can take up to 5-7 or 7- 10 days from ordering, depending on demand.
  • Once the order has arrived at your local depot and is ready to be delivered, you will receive a text/call notification with an estimated time of arrival and another text when you are the next delivery to be made. This is another opportunity for the customer to discuss vehicle size, access restrictions and any directions. 
  • All deliveries will be on the smallest lorries possible for the weight of the pallet with a tail lift.

  • Please note that 7.5 tonne lorries can only deliver up to 50 bags on a pallet due to the weight restriction on the tail lift, some depots will deliver full pallets on a 7.5 tonne lorry but please contact us to discuss prior to ordering. 12 tonne plus lorries can deliver full pallets of 65 bags.

  • Someone needs to be onsite to meet the driver so they know where to leave the pallet. The pallet will be taken off the lorry with a tail lift and moved into position using a pallet mover. The pallet mover can only be used on a firm flat surface not on stone or gravel.

  • If someone isn’t there to receive the pallet we get charged by the delivery company. Whilst we understand circumstances can be out of your control, we do reserve the right to pass on any additional costs from the delivery company to you.

  • Please provide any additional delivery instructions and directions, size of lorry and a mobile contact number.

Due to increasing costs of fuel delivery, we are unable to deliver outside of the UK mainland or to Scotland. There are other stockists in these areas and we can pass on their details. 
Bulk bags are available on request. 
Storage is much easier than straw bales as they are condensed, delivered on a pallet and can be stored outside with a cover over them.

Dr David Marlin on Concord Equestrian Straw Pellets:
Concord Equestrian Straw Pellets came out top of the overall best choice of bedding, after comparing a number of different bedding types.
The absorbency, levels of dust, cleanliness of bedding, customer service and cost factors were all measured.
Also after researching the best bedding for horses with Laminitis, Concord straw pellets are one of only a few they would recommend to provide hoof support and comfort.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly
We are all trying to do our bit to reduce, reuse and recycle and hoping to the help the planet become healthier.
We like Straw pellets because they are more sustainable and environmentally friendlier than wood based products. This is because straw is a by-product of farming cereals, it grows rapidly and is a sustainable product.  It breaks down quickly after use and can be used as a mulch. 
Concord Equestrian only use the best quality British Wheat Straw and all of the Straw used is sourced in the UK.
Smaller amounts are available too, as well as local pickup.
Please ask  or call /text 07711685623.
Delivery is between 5-7 days is standard, but it can be up to 10 days when there is high demand. 

A little note from Louise, a few people have reported being worried that their equines eat some of the pellets.  My herd of horses have a little snack on them occasionally too, but only when they're fresh out of the bag and usually I've tipped them out right in front of them! My horses are all inquisitive and the pellets do smell nice!
The pellets go soft quite quickly and they are left alone then, a little sprinkling of water can speed this up if necessary.
I remember that Straw is edible and is used in some feeds as a high fibre bulking agent. I haven't had any issues with my horses eating a few pellets, only the frustration of carrying the bags to the shelter and trying to make a nice bed! I bury/mix them into the older bedding, which helps and generally the hay tastes nicer too.

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