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We're giving away a beautiful palette-style mane and tail brush with every pair of Cavallo hoof boots.  This offer is only up until 24th October (or whilst stocks last).  Made by Cavallo these quality brushes are a great addition to your grooming kit.  You might even want to use it yourself - I am!  - Read More

There couldn’t be a better time to take the plunge and go barefoot!

If you’ve been thinking about having the farrier take off your horse’s shoes, then now could well be a great time to make the move.  If the shorter and colder days mean your horse can anticipate a decrease in workload this will give time for the transition to be done and allow him or her to adapt to the changes.  By the time the days are getting longer next year you and your horse could be well into experiencing the benefits of being barefoot.    Going barefoot gets fresh blood circulating to provide nourishment and oxygen to your horse’s feet..  - Read More

FREE Cut Heal Liquid Freeze Cooling Spray

Horse and More are offering a FREE Cut Heal Liquid Freeze Cooling Spray worth £9.80 for effective cooling of your horse's tired, bruised and swollen legs with ANY Equilibrium, Tri-Zone or Stretch & Flex product!!Until 31st August while stocks last so DON'T MISS OUT...The Tri-Zone collection includes Brushing Boots for everyday leg protection.  The All Sports boots and Impact Sports boots offer more protection for higher impact riding whilst still providing comfort and style.Choose the Stretch & Flex collection for outstanding wraps, bandages and boots. The Flatwork Wraps are ideal for schooling and hacking out established horses. The Training Wraps are great for young and unbalanced horses, big..  - Read More

New Horse and More website launched!

Welcome to the new Horse and More website! We have spent a lot of time redeveloping our site over the last few months and hope you enjoy it. To launch our new site we've got a great offer for all Horse and More customers who purchase products worth over £20 from Horse and More in the month of August (whilst stocks last!).  The product is CUT-HEAL's Liquid Freeze for effective cooling of tired, swollen or bruised legs. 198.5ml size containing menthol and camphor together with an extract from South America, Paraguay Tea,  to enhance the cooling agents. Liquid freeze is great for pre-work..  - Read More

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