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June's Barefoot Story

June's story about going barefoot and her views on her Cavallo horse hoof boots:

"My horse was recently unable to be re-shod behind with shoes following a hoof infection a few months ago and so my farrier suggested I purchase some boots for her.  Being rather sceptical about this, I went on the Horse and More website to discover there was a new Cavallo Entry Level Hoof Boot available. After careful measuring and discussions with Liz at Horse and More, I purchased hind boots for my horse. With trepidation I fitted them to her whilst in her loose box for several days, then ventured out with them on for a short hack. To my surprise she had no problem with them, they didn't rub or cause any discomfort so since then I have been more adventurous, faster riding on the fells and more varied terrain and on each occasion the boots have remained comfortably in place and causing no chaffing or discomfort.
I have since recommended ELB hoof boots from Cavallo  to a number of friends, all of whom are very interested in looking into their purchase. Thank you Horse and More".
Horse and More are so pleased June is getting on so well in Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots.
We hope these examples of success stories will encourage everyone to take the plunge to go barefoot with the help of Cavallo Hoof boots. It's never too late.

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