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Cavallo Gel Pad

by Cavallo
Price £12.50

The Cavallo Enhanced Gel Pad is made from specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer. It is used as an insole in Cavallo Simple, Sport or Trek hoof boots to provide extra comfort and for improved fit. Cavallo gel pads come in pairs.

Fits Cavallo Hoof Boots size 0 - 6. One size fits all. Cut to size.

Key Attributes:

  • Act as a removable insole for greater comfort.
  • Are easy to cut and fit to your Cavallo boots - there is a side for Regular fit boots and a side for Slim Fit boots.
  • Provides good shock absorption.
  • Minimizes fatigue.
  • Slightly tightens the fit of Cavallo Hoof Boots.
  • Provides sole, bar and frog stimulation.
  • Great for therapeutic or rehabilitation use.

The Cavallo Enhanced Protection Gel Pad is firm enough to allow hoof mechanism to work yet soft enough to add extra cushion for your horse’s hooves.


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