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What does EVA stand for?

EVA is Ethyl Vinyl Acetate.  Essentially it is a closed cell foam.  In other words a foam which isn’t a sponge.  So it’s hard wearing and non-absorbent, but also cushioning and insulating due to the high air content. 

Are Horse Comfort mats also called Mayo Mats?
Yes they are.  Horse Comfort mats are from the Mayo Mat range which has been on the market for over 25 years.  These mats have stood the test of time and have the Mayo Mat commitment that they will not crack, curl or lose their softness.

Is Cow Comfort another Mayo Mat brand?
Yes it is.  Mayo mats were originally developed for dairy cow cubicles because the comfort of a cow is supremely important for milk production.  Horses are pasture animals in the same way that cows are and it was realised that a comfortable bed is just as important for horses.

What is so special about Horse Comfort EVA mats compared to other EVA mats?
Horse Comfort do not use inert fillers in the manufacturing process.  These are often used in cheaper copies.  Using inferior bonding materials such as clay or rubber would make Horse Comfort mats 15% cheaper.  But Horse Comfort do not do this as they would crack and tear.

How long will Horse Comfort Mayo Mats last?
Horse Comfort Premium, Premium Plus and Stable Mattress mats have a 10 year warranty.  We do know, however, that many of the original Mayo Mats are still being used successfully 20 years after installation!

Why are Horse Comfort EVA mats better than rubber mats?
Where do I start?  Horse Comfort mats are much lighter and so easy to move around for periodic cleaning.  They weigh between 7kg and 15kg depending on the thickness you choose.  Rubber mats are hard and heavy and we all know how dirty you get just trying to move them around.  Horse Comfort mats are cushioning due to their high air content, unlike rubber which can be almost as hard as concrete in some cases.

What size are Horse Comfort stable mats?
The mats are 6ft (1.83m) long and 4ft (1.22m) wide.  In terms of thickness we have 20mm (Standard), 24mm (Premium), 34mm (Premium Plus) and 44mm (Stable Mattress) mats.

How do I choose which thickness of mat?
This is largely down to personal choice and budget.  The 20mm standard mat is perfect for small ponies or if you want to keep the cost down.  This mat is very light weight and comes with a 5 year warranty.  For horses I would choose from the 24mm (Premium), 34mm (Premium Plus) or 44mm (Stable Mattress) mats.  The Premium mat is great value and nicely cushioning.  But the Premium Plus is that bit more luxurious.  The 44mm Stable Mattress is a must have if your horse is older or has lameness issues or if you just want to totally pamper him!

Do I still need bedding with Horse Comfort mats?
You do still need bedding to soak up the wet and to keep the mats clean and dry. You can, however, reduce the amount of bedding you need.  The cushioning of the mats will help protect your horse from knocks and scrapes from the concrete floor so you don’t need the same depth of bedding.

What is an anti-casting strip?
This is basically a strip of EVA matting which is specially designed with a grooved surface.  The strip is attached to the stable wall at a suitable height for your horse.  This means that the horse has something to push against to help avoid becoming cast in the stable.  If you would like to order anti-casting strips please call on 01772 870060.

Do Horse and More provide wall, trailer and ramps mats in EVA material?
Yes we do.  Just call on 01772 870060 to discuss.

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