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I don’t know how it happened really!  Well I suppose I do.  My husband John and I had spent many years working in the corporate world of sales and marketing and we wanted to try something a little different.  We’d moved back to Lancashire having spent 10 years in posh Alderley Edge, we’d bought a smallholding and gradually acquired lots of animals.  None of which I might add have made us any money, except perhaps with the exception of Kipper our adorable Springador, who has blessed us with a couple of litters of beautiful puppies.  For me as a horse lover and owner and having worked in an advisory capacity for a number of equestrian businesses, setting up our own equestrian retail company seemed an obvious next step and so came into being in April 2010.  Horse and More has changed quite a lot over the last five years and although we do stock pretty much everything for the horse with the exception of feed, we’ve specialised, and our focus is leg and hoof health. 

In particular we've become Cavallo hoof boot experts and we’ve developed a close relationship with Carole Herder and Greg Giles at Cavallo becoming the main retailer of Cavallo horse hoof boots in the UK.  The demand for hoof boots was very apparent right from the start, but we found customers didn’t just want to buy on-line.  They wanted to talk to someone and get advice on the most suitable boot in the right size for their horse.  We talk to people all day every day and guide customers through their purchase.  Occasionally we do get caught out with a question we can’t answer and that’s when we call Cavallo who are always on hand to help.

Continuing the theme of hoof and leg comfort, we are also the UK's main on-line supplier of Horse Comfort EVA stable mats, also known as Mayo mats.  These lightweight cushioned mats are the ultimate in stable luxury and a favourite at Norris's Farm.  Once you've tried these, you'll never let your horse lie on anything else!

For general health and well-being we stock a wide range of big brand supplements, lotions and potions.  We love horses and love our business.  I rarely hanker after the high tension world of corporate business, although I do think it would be nice to get my nails done occasionally!


Norris’s Farm, North Road, Bretherton Leyland, Lancs PR26 9AY United Kingdom 01772 870 060

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