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Heat Stress and Hard Ground for Horses

I' m so hot and so are my horses! How to keep them happy and well? We have shade in one paddock in the late afternoon and another during the morning. So I try to rotate the horses to follow the shade.  The Hoof Boots are in regular use now too. The horses have recently had a trim and need a bit of protection from the hard ground. I use my old black boots for in the field and if I go riding I will use my newer Glittery / Sparkly Entry Level Bling boots to dress up. They manage..  - Read More

Bling is Back

Sparkle like a star with Cavallo Entry Level Boots Bling. Back in stock now. The boots are all glittery and catch the sun! Save your Bling Boots for riding out and use your Black ones for in the field.    - Read More

Bling is Back

Hoof Boots Low Stock - there are other Boots available

My favourite boots the Entry Level Boots are very low stock at the moment! " But I have just managed to get some New Bling ones to try. Cavallo says "Its a global issue" and "There's a big shipment due very soon" The Regular Fit Boots in Simple and Trek have more availability though. It's worth remembering that the Boot Sole is mostly the same and the only difference is the Upper wall that fits over the hoof.     - Read More

Foot problems - Laminitis and Concussion

Hope you and your equines are all well. I'm finding it difficult at the moment to restrict the grazing for my laminitis prone ponies and the ground is so hard that the bigger horses are looking footy because of mild concussion injuries. They like to run about and chase each other, rather than to walk sedately! Boots and pads - Cavallo - Comfort Pad Yellow is excellent. Use them out in the field as well as for riding. Remembering to wear them in for a few hours or as long as the equine can tolerate it to start with. (Might..  - Read More

Laminitis watch.

Watch out for the grass! A recent conversation with my vet says it's very potent and calorific at the moment. Watch out for all the little fat ponies and laminitis prone equines, they need a little extra care.  This pony is reluctantly wearing her grazing muzzle, she has recently gained weight on what looked like bare field. She jumps the stable door and breaks fences! Has anyone got any tips to help this girl and me?  - Read More

Laminitis watch.

Cavallo Entry Level Boots

Louise Lucas says: After purchasing Hoof Boots for my own Horse Sally, having a really exciting conversation and doing some deep thinking with my husband, there are some changes afoot! By the way, Sally the flat footed straight moving thoroughbred was delighted to be hacking out in her new Cavallo Entry Level Boots. Thanks Liz.  - Read More

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