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Keeping Hoof Boots Clean

Tips for keeping your Hoof Boots clean.

For me It depends on the degree of mess that they are in:

1, Mild dirt - If they are mostly dry and just a bit dusty I might just dry brush them.

I like to hang worn boots on a piece of baler twine, or wall hooks in a warm, breezy spot to air dry and they always feel fresher to put on next time.

2, Medium dirt  - If they are very sweaty on the inside, with a reasonable coating of dirt I would dip them in a bucket of water with a squirt of washing up liquid (or other liquid soap to hand, I've used horse shampoo or hand wash before!) and using a water brush or other soft brush to rub round the inside and then outside. Giving them a rinse with fresh water to remove the soap suds.

Cavallo recommends rinsing in a vinegar and water solution as a natural cleaner.

Again I'd hang up to drip dry.

3, Heavy dirt - (My local bridle tracks sometimes feel like a swamp in the winter) - If they are covered in mud and soaking wet, I would usually be tempted to soak in a bucket of soapy water for a short time to loosen the girt in the sole tracks, then blast them with a hose pipe before giving them a brush and a rinse.

Sometimes I will hook out the comfort pad with a hoof pick and inspect it, clean it put it back or replace if necessary. 

The Simple boots shouldn't be soaked as they are leather and will need a leather cleaner and softener rubbed on once they are dry. 



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