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Congratulations to Rebecca and Quartz!

The next head collar winner is Rebecca and her horse Quartz.
So wonderful to hear that the hoof boots have been a success and that Quartz is back trotting and cantering!

"I purchased the Cavallo simple boots about 2 months ago and what a difference they have made!
Quartz is a 21 year old IDxTB who we have had for 14 years now. At the age of 10 she laterally tore her flexor tendon which resulted in almost a year of rehab. I eventually got back on board, just walking at first and gradually building it up to light schooling but she never returned to be 100%. She was diagnosed with navicular about 4 years ago and we continued to hack her until last year when she had an awful time throughout the summer, being boxed more than in the field and on Bute also. I could tell she was very unhappy in herself and in pain. She had her shoes taken off before going into the summer and we thought her pain was mainly due to her being barefoot and having to walk down a road to the field. She got that bad that I was considering PTS before the winter as we couldn't go through boxing her for long periods of time again and our vet had told us that she was on borrowed time. Coming out of summer last year she seemed to be getting sounder in walk and not shuffling and tripping as much so I decided to keep going with her as she seemed happier in herself and was making the walk to the field and back without being too footsore. She has continued to improve to the point where I decided to get back on but just walk and she loved being ridden again! I have done lots of reading on navicular and read many success stories of barefoot rehab, and thought that a pair of boots would help her. She absolutely loves them! She is now trotting and cantering on hacks and is so forward and loves being out. These boots have made such a difference and have allowed us to enjoy riding again. If someone had told me this time last year that I would be trotting and cantering her again I would never had believed them, but thanks to your boots it has become possible!"


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