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Barefoot Story 3

The third winner of a goodie box for sharing their barefoot story with us is Karen with her horse Libbi...

Karen bought Libbi, a 16hd Irish Draught mare, at the age of seven and a half.  Libbi was brought over from Ireland and was very green having done hunting and a little Cross Country.

After owning this adorable mare for a year and having very heavy shoes on her every six weeks, Karen was becoming increasingly concerned for her safety due to Libbi's occasional stumbling and tripping. 

Karen took Llibbi to camp in September 2014 and whilst doing some normal ground work in a field, she stumbled straight onto her nose which left Karen catapulting over the top landing on her hip and leg. This meant Karen had to be taken to hospital. Fortunately she suffered only very bad bruising and was on crutches for two weeks.  Libbi was safe and well.

This was the trigger for Karen to take Libbi's shoes off.  She purchased a pair of Cavallo Simple boots and Karen says "since then she schools freely moving so much better almost floating. When we hack the Cavallo boots are always worn. We are now on our 4th pair in 2 and a half years. Libbi has trims with her regular farrier. These boots are easy to use and comfortable and she now has amazing hooves."


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