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Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots

by Equilibrium
Price £53.50

Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots now have a new improved design.  Available in pairs.

By using the latest material technology, the new Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boot is a tough, durable boot specifically designed for high impact sports such as cross country, racing, hunting, hunter trials, driving and polo.

The new design is lightweight, flexible and breathable. It uses a four-layered protection system that comfortably moulds around the horse's leg.

  • The Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boot provides maximum comfort due to pillows formed from a soft impact absorbing EVA in the inner layer of the boot. This inner layer is perforated to allow heat to evaporate from the horse's skin.
  • These Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots have a middle layer that is made from an EVA mesh which helps to absorb impact but also allows heat to escape freely from inside the boot.
  • Integral TPU strips are strategically placed to form supportive panels to protect the most vulnerable areas of the horse's leg.
  • The outer layer is extremely robust due to being made of hard-wearing Rotex for high abrasion resistance.
  • Additional outer strike pad areas are made from TPU, which protects from penetration injuries.
  • Colour black

Additional Information

Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots have a vertical hook strap, fitting over the horizontal loop straps to ensure extra security. This is to prevent straps becoming loose: even on muddy wet ground.

Easy and quick removal due to the vertical hook strap which has a handy grip tab.

These Tri-Zone Impact Sports Boots are independently tested in a laboratory for their ability to withstand concussion and penetration, whilst remaining lightweight, flexible and breathable.

Years of research and testing with scientists, vets and professional riders is what makes these boots so unique.

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