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Stretch & Flex Training Wraps

by Equilibrium
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These wraps come as a pair.

Stretch and Flex Training Wraps are ideal for: young and unbalanced horses; training new movements; big moving horses; hacking sharp or spooky horses; riding over uneven ground or fast work. The Training Wraps are set to free your horse's natural movements, but offering extra support and protection.

  • The Training Wrap offers the support of an exercise bandage
  • The Training Wrap ensures high levels of support, protection and comfort
  • The Wrap is extremely flexible so not to put restrictions upon your horse’s movement
  • The breathable Stomatex® helps to regulate the skin temperature. The Stomatex® responds to a change in temperature: the hotter your horse, the more breathable the wrap.
  • Additional support is ensured by the fetlock strap, helping to prevent dirt getting under the wrap, so to avoid rubbing and irritation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I jump in Training Wraps? Yes, although the Training Wraps are not specifically designed for jumping, you can do occasional jumping under 3ft. This is because they provide padded protection to the back of the cannon bone.

If my horse is recovering from a tendon injury or splints, can I use the Training Wraps? Yes you can. Stretch and Flex Training Wraps act like bandages because they are flexible, soft and supportive. however, always discuss with your Vet first.

Can I turn my horse out in the Training Wraps? Yes, however we would advise customers to use black wraps for this purpose.

Instructions for Care
Wraps should be allowed to dry and excess dirt should be brushed off with a soft brush. To prevent the collection of debris in the hook straps, fastenings should be closed. When washing the Training Wraps, add a non-biological detergent to a bucket of lukewarm water. Use a stain remover stick or soap for stubborn stains. To remove the trace of detergent, rinse twice in clean cool water and squeeze out any excess water. Hang to dry away from direct heat & sunlight.

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