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Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps

by Equilibrium
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These stable chaps come as a pair.  They are designed to keep legs warm, dry and protected in the stable.

Key Attributes:

  • Stable Chaps completely encase the lower leg for warmth and protection
  • They help protect from scuffs and grazes
  • They are ideal for wet, cold legs after exercise or turnout as the Chaps are able to wick the moisture away from the skin
  • Ideal for keeping joints warm, helping to maintain effective circulation and relieve the symptoms of arthritis
  • Protects the horse from knocks when rolling in the stable
  • Stable Chaps are soft but durable and easy to clean
  • Very comfortable for the horse to wear
  • Easy to fit and remove due to the 4 simple straps 

Additional Information

Equi-chaps® Stable Chaps can be worn all day and / or all night, with regular checks for comfort and cleanliness. The Stable Chaps are not suitable for turnout and should only be used in the stable.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can the Stable Chaps be put on wet, muddy legs?
Yes, however, it is best to wash or brush the mud off first. This will ensure the horse will be more comfortable and keep the Chaps cleaner for longer.
Can I put the Chaps on wet legs? Yes, but first gently pat legs dry with a soft towel, then put the Chaps on and they will wick away any remaining moisture.
Can I use the Stable Chaps if my horse has mud fever? Yes, providing the condition has been treated first.

Instructions for Care

The Equi-chaps® Stable Chaps are machine washable at 40°C, using a mild detergent. To prevent the collection of debris, close over the hook and loop straps. However, ensure the Stable Chaps are fully dry before they are put back on the horse.  

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