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Scoot Boot Fit Kit

by Scoot Boot
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Scoot Boot Fit Kit

Hiring a number of soles from the Scoot boot Fit Kit is the best way to establish which is the correct size and fit of Scoot boot for your horse before purchasing the actual boots themselves.  There is a choice of sizes from 000-9 on the regular sole and 0-6 on the slim sole.

The price charged per sole/shell size (£15) is only a deposit, but a small admin fee will be retained upon return.

As a recommendation, we suggest you try 3 different sizes of sole. This encompasses the size you believe your horse to be and then the sizes either side. For example, if you think your horse is a size 2, then maybe try the 1, 2 and 3.

Terms of Hire

The boot soles will cost £15 each, and we ask you to please return these within 10 working days. If the boots are not returned within 30 days no refund will be made.

Fit Kit items must be returned clean and dry, with no parts missing and not broken in any way.

Admin fees and Hire Charges:

  • Hiring up to 2 soles: upon return, we will refund you less a retained admin fee of £5 per sole, to cover postage and packaging costs. This is the case as to whether you purchase boots upon return of the Fit Kit or not.
  • Hiring 3 soles or over: upon return of the Fit Kit, we will retain only £10 as an admin fee from your order if you purchase Scoot boots from us. However, if you do not purchase hoof boots we will retain £15.

Note: Fit Kit items are returned at your own cost, and we can not refund until we have received back the items.

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