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Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots

by Equilibrium
Price £27.00

These over-reach boots come as a pair.

Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots are intelligent protection for your horse when schooling, lunging, turnout, galloping and jumping.

  • Super-tough Ballistic PU Nylon outer shell that is extremely hardwearing, waterproof and rot proof
  • Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots have a protective Heel Pad made from non PVC Rubber, which is highly abrasion resistant and exceptionally tough
  • Contains a shock absorbing foam lining
  • The boot is helped to be kept in place by the Anti-Spin Heel Button, which also increases impact absorption
  • Double Hook & Loop Straps secured by strong stitching offer extensive adjustment for a good fit
  • Easy removal due to the strap tabs
  • Available in colour black

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Tri-zone® Over Reach Boots be worn 24 hours a day? The Tri-zone® Over Reach Boots, as with any product, should be removed daily and the hoof/heel checked for any signs of rubbing or irritation. Additionally, it is very important that the inside of the boots are kept clean to prevent chafing.

How do I know I have the correct size? The boot is too big if you find that the boots are moving up and down as the horse moves. Try overlapping the edges and the straps to tighten the boot, however if the back edge of the boot is still in direct contact with the ground the boot is too big for the horse and you should try the next size down. Equally, the boot is too small if the straps do not do up at the front.

Instructions for Care
The Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots should be hand washed in lukewarm water using mild detergent. Do not tumble dry or dry over direct heat such as radiators. Use a stain removal bar of soap such as Vanish for stubborn stains. Rinse thoroughly.

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