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LaminTec 5-HT

by Pegasus Equine Diagnostics
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Lamintec 5-HT is an innovative ground breaking new approach in veterinary medicine for the management and prevention of chronic symptoms of diseases such as laminitis.  LaminTec 5-HT is a supplement that helps maintain healthy circulatory and physiological systems in horses and ponies.

Laminitis occurs when changes in blood flow to the hooves results in severe pain and damage.  There are many "triggers" for the disease, but no accepted cure making it difficult to prevent and solve.  An over-weight or obese horse and body imbalances brought about through over-eating are thought to be a trigger due to autumn flushes of grass and the change of nutrients and sugars in the grass, or a metabolic condition.

Seasonal changes in the horse's body can also be a trigger which may make it more susceptible to developing laminitis, especially where the horse has an underlying metabolic condition such as Cushing's disease.  It is known that daily supplementation of LaminTec 4-HT can help.

There are other treatments for laminitis, but LaminTec 5-HT is an innovative equine feed supplement, that helps supports normal circulation to the hoof and its capillary bed and in doing so prevent laminitis.  The testimonial below shows how Lamintec 5-HT has helped one user enormously.

Testimonial from Simon & Angela Meadows

This year we have had significant problems with sore hooves and laminitis on three of our Shetlands and our large draft horse. We have tried various treatments and diets, in particular detox products but with no improvement or long lasting results. Yet again we found ourselves with two Shetland ponies very foot sore and not even willing to walk around much. We were at our wits end, they had very little grazing, had been on a yard area for some time but things were just not getting better for them. After mentioning this at a network meeting I was told to try a product by Battles of Lincoln, LaminTec 5-HT. We purchased some as quickly as we could and found the staff at Battles very helpful in sourcing some for us. We started mixing the LaminTec with their dry food whilst keeping them in the school area. We were told that the results should be noticeable but what we experienced was amazing and beyond our expectations. Within just three days both horses were cantering around the school freely. Within five days they were playing together, galloping around, bucking and back to their happy selves. Their movement and pain relief was beyond what we expected. We completed the recommended treatment and put them back out on to limited grazing as before. After many weeks we have seen no signs of problems on these two horses. Whilst the other horses who are on the same grazing have experienced problems. They will now be on the next course of LaminTec to ensure that these have the best chance of getting on top of this laminitis and sore hooves. I write this testimonial as a record of the results we achieved by strictly using and following the instruction of LaminTec 5-HT. I do it more so that others can feel confident to try the product for themselves and relieve the pain and suffering of their own horses. This product is not stocked by many stores and that is a real shame. For us it has saved us considerable time and money, as we wasted so much on other products. 

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