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Horse First My Muscle

by Horse First
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Horse First My Muscle enhances muscle metabolism and protects the immune system. Helps cleanse muscle toxins after performance. Available in 750g (30 servings), 1.5kg (60 servings) and 5kg (200 servings) containers.

Deficiency of Vitamins C and E in muscle tissue increases the risk of exercise induced damage. The horse may show signs of muscle stiffness and soreness and may have poor immunity to disease.

My Muscle contains high levels of the antioxidant Vitamins C and E which protect and preserve the integrity of cell membranes so reducing tissue damage during exercise. 

Feeding My Muscle helps to:

  • relieve the effects of lactic acid build up during training
  • ease muscle tiredness
  • improve muscle health
  • ensure a horse reaches it’s performance potential

Guidelines for Feeding

  • My Muscle should be given twice daily, 4 days before competition
  • On the morning of the competition or race give 2 scoops
  • Give 2 scoops daily over the following 4 days of the recovery period
  • One scoop daily should be given to horses in continuous work

Contains per 25g scoop:
Vitamin C  - 5,000mg
Vitamin E  - 2000IU



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