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Horse First Back to Form

by Horse First
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When your horse loses that zest of energy or is lacking enthusiasm, especially in the middle of the season then Back To Form will give him the lift he needs. Formulated as an intense boost after illness, lay off or injury, Back To Form has saved a lot of horses from long recovery periods.  It is the perfect formulation to achieve a return to health and vitality. Many users of Back To Form get a good response when feeding at a reduced level of one scoop per day giving their tired horses that lift to their performance. It contains B1, B2, B6, Folic acid and Yeasacc which are all critical for energy production, growth, blood cell formation and efficient feed utilization.

Used by many of the top race horse trainers with great success and heavily supported in the eventing community, the combination of Back To Form and New Bludd can achieve great results quickly and restore your horse to full vigour. 

The 750g container is a 12 day course. Give three 25g scoops daily for the first six days followed by two scoops daily for the next six days.
Can be fed long term at one scoop per day. Mix well into damp feed.

The 2kg container holds 80 servings.

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