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H Trap

by Sentomol
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Horsefly trap. Latest design with upgraded frame. UV stable collect tray. Anti-rotation pin. Horseflies are a constant nuisance, particularly during the period May to October. The H-trap system effectively controls horsefly numbers, reducing them to an absolute minimum. H-traps are designed to be placed outdoors, where they work without the need for chemicals or electricity. Extensive independent trials have shown a reduction of 90-95% in horsefly numbers in areas protected by H-traps can be realised. Since horseflies feed on blood, their aggressive stings are very painful not only for animals, such as horses and cows, but also for humans. The female horsefly primarily locates suitable prey by sight. They are attracted to large, dark objects and by motion, their eyes being well adapted to its detection. The H-trap mimics an ideal prey for horseflies. The insects are tricked into mistaking the centrally placed black ball in the H-trap as a large animal, such as a horse. They are attracted to the ball since it emits heat, exactly like the body of a large animal. Once they land on the black ball, they will investigate and try to bite it. Since they will be unsuccessful in finding blood, they will follow their natural behaviour and fly away. As horseflies naturally fly upwards, they are caught in the funnel hood and guided into a centrally placed collection bin to be caught and die.

A Horse and More favourite!


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