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Farrier's Formula

by Life Data
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The only hoof supplement with independent published research fully validating the effects of Farrier's Formula on hoof horn. Dr Kempson wrote "All the horses showed improvement in the appearance and growth of the horn" (Vet Record 1990). Within just nine weeks healthy new growth starts to be seen at the coronary band. 

Farrier's Formula addresses the need for 'feeding the hoof,' recognising that  horses will only perform at their best when their hooves are effectively managed. The original hoof care supplement since 1979, Farrier's Formula is the recommended remedy of US farriers for 12 consecutive years, utilising 30 years of equine research and experience in one effective product. Horses' hooves require a broad range of nutrients to maintain optimal condition and Farrier's Formula is specially blended to supply all the essential nutrients that are key to hoof growth, repair and maintenance. Enriched with Biotin, Farrier's Formula promotes the internal and external health of hooves in the most depleted of conditions.


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