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Evo Hoof Boot Fitting Clinic for Equine Podiatrists, Trimmers, Farriers and Vets

by Evo Horse
Price £65.00

Horse and More is holding an Evo Hoof Boot Fitting Clinic on Saturday 28 April 2018. Limited spaces available!
This is the first ever Evo clinic in the UK and is exclusively offered by Horse and More to Equine Podiatrists, Trimmers, Farriers, Vets and other hoof care professionals.
This is a unique opportunity to learn about the most innovative hoof boot available on the market, and gain the skills to adapt and fit difficult hooves, helping your clients on their barefoot journey.

Date: Saturday 28 April 2018 from 9.30 am until 5 pm
Location: Horse and More, Norris's Farm, North Road, Bretherton, Leyland PR26 9AY
Hospitality: Lunch and Tea/Coffee & Cake throughout the day provided
Cost £65 including VAT

Evo's Albert Villasevil along with Liz Barbour from Horse and More will be running the event.
There will be both theory and practical elements, with horses of differing conformation being fitted on the day.  You will learn how to:

  • select the correct size of Evo Boot
  • use the different locking systems
  • adjust the bulb shield
  • make the boots shorter/narrower
  • adapt the boot using heat to widen, and for the perfect fit
  • adjust and fit the boots to avoid twisting
  • using the boot for therapeutic purposes

Albert from Evo Horse is a Veterinarian (VP) specialising in equine podiatry (AANHCP, IAEP and LH). He also is Field Instructor for LH, Certified Acupunturist (TCVMP) with the Chi Institute, and a Technician in Equine nutrition with Dr Kellon (NRC Plus).
Evo FitKits available before and on the day of the event (to attendees) at a discounted price.


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