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EVOHorse Evo Boot 1.0 Hoof Boot

by Evo Horse SALE
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The Evo Boot is a unique and innovative horse hoof boot.  Designed and manufactured in Europe, it is sleek and stylish, but with functionality and performance at its heart.

The Evo Boot is an extremely intelligent hoof boot promoting natural hoof mechanism like no other model available on the market. This boot is flexible both horizontally as well as vertically, mimicking the natural barefoot hoof. When we talk about promoting hoof mechanism, we are not just referring to the boot shell.  The bulb shield is flexible too, accommodating hoof motion and allowing for bulb asymmetry.

There are 12 sizes of Evo Boot.  Additional flexibility is provided with the adjustable Elastostop Locking System and Bulb Shield. The boot comes fully assembled, but making some minor adjustments to get the perfect fit is really easy - you can do it yourself. Your Hoof Care Practitioner should also be able to make adjustments to your Evo Boots using heat - mostly this isn't necessary, but it is a unique and useful  attribute of the Evo Boot brand.

The Evo boot boasts a lateral cartilage pressure-free system, and allows for natural hoof expansion and distortion. It fits like a second skin for the ultimate in comfort.

The Evo Boot comes fully assembled.  However, the box also contains three spare elastostops (direct), an alternative elastostop fastening (indirect), three spare screws and a small allen wrench.

Important Fitting Note

We are delighted to help you choose the right size of Evo Boot.  The best way for us to do this is for you to send some photos of your horse’s hooves with a tape measure across the widest part of the hoof, as well as along the hoof length.  The length measurement is from toe to buttress line and does not include the heel bulb. We can hire out an Evo Boot FitKit or just a small number of FitKit shells which will help you to choose the correct length and width.

The Evo boot is designed to be used on a barefoot horse which is trimmed regularly. It may not be suitable if your horse has very high heels or a lot of flare, but can work well with under-run heels.

Evo Boots are great for round or slightly narrower hooves.

Help with measuring and fitting can be found on the measuring and fitting page: you can find the link to this here.

 Unique Features:

  • Sold individually
  • Simple to fit
  • Lightweight and non-absorbent
  • Durable construction
  • Promotes hoof mechanism in four dimensions
  • Superb grip on the sole
  • Flexible bulb shield and sole
  • Easy to adjust so fits like a second skin
  • Adaptable for different hoof shapes
  • Supports natural break-over

EVO BOOT 1.0 Introduction & Key Features



 EVO BOOT 1.0 Putting On/Taking Off

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