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Equi-Chaps Close Contact Chaps

by Equilibrium
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Close Contact Chaps help to prevent mud fever

  • The chaps help to keep your horse’s legs dry and mud free to prevent mud fever
  • They are soft and comfortable, fitting like a second skin.
  • The Chaps are made of breathable Stomatex® to prevent overheating
  • They are treated with a PU coating for water-resistance
  • Flexible, comfortable and breathable and can be worn for long periods: up to 12 hours, with minimum risk of rubbing.
  • Ideally protecting the whole lower leg including the vulnerable heel and coronary band
  • Now tougher, providing extra protection
  • The chaps are Navy
  • Easy to wash and quick to dry
  • Easy to fit and remove with the 5 simple straps

Additional Information

The Close Contact Chaps are a pair of chaps offering mild protection from brushing and over reaching.
Not suitable for horses with an allergy to neoprene.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I ride in Equi-chaps®?
Yes, a number of customers do use them to hack out in if the conditions are wet and muddy.
Can Equi-chaps® be used if my horse already has mud fever? No, the condition must be completely cleared before using the Chaps or indeed any boot.
Are Equi-chaps® suitable for my horse who has a severe brushing action? No, the Chap will show premature wear as there is no hard strike pad.

Instructions for care
Refer to back of manual for washing instructions.
Once removed, hose the Chaps and hang to dry. However, ensure they are fully dry before they are put back on the horse. 

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