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Pair of Cavallo Entry Level Hoof Boots Regular Fit plus wraps and pads

by Cavallo
Price £120.00

If your size is unavailable, please contact us and we can talk you through some alternatives.

This listing is for a pair of Cavallo Entry Level Hoof Boot (ELB)  Regular Fit hoof boots plus a pair of pastern wraps and pair of gel pads. 

We will select the correct size pastern wraps for you to match your boot size.

Horse and More are now exclusively offering (in the UK) the world’s most affordable hoof boot – The Cavallo ELB – combining quality and affordability.  If you’ve been contemplating going barefoot with your horse then the ELB is the perfect solution.  Available in singles so brilliant if you just need a boot when you lose a shoe or for rehabilitation/therapeutic purposes.

The ELB is made of 1680 count denier industrial grade nylon – the same material used on Cavallo’s Sport hoof boots.  The replaceable Velcro closure extends the working life of the boot in the event of Velcro fatigue and is easy to fasten.  The ELB is offered on both of Cavallo’s soles – the Regular sole, (length and width equal) and the Slim sole (width is ¼” or 5mm narrower than length).  Both soles incorporate the unique, built in side drainage slots to drain mud, water and sand easily and will not clog up.

Key features

  • 1680 count denier industrial grade nylon
  • Easy on - Stay on
  • Replaceable Velcro closure
  • Soft foam collar
  • Fits right or left hoof
  • Reflective logo for safety
  • Available individually - can fit right or left hoof
  • Available in 7 sizes ( 0 – 6 ) and sold individually. 

As testimony to Cavallo quality, the ELB is included in Cavallo’s Best Boot Warranty coverage - 180 day repair or replace.

Cavallo pastern wraps and gel pads are also available for extra protection and comfort.

For ELB Slim Fit go here

For a Hoof Boot Measuring Chart and FAQs go here

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