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Cavallo - Entry Level Boot (ELB) - Bling/Sparkles - Single

by Cavallo
Price £58.00

Entry Level Hoof Boot in Bling

The Cavallo Entry Level Boot in Bling – combining quality and affordability.

Sparkle Like a Star, available now in the fun BLING sparkly glittery material! 

If you’ve been wondering about going barefoot with your horse then the ELB is the perfect solution. Super light and comfortable hoof boot for all terrain riding. Available in singles so it is also brilliant if you just need a boot when you lose a shoe or for rehabilitation/therapeutic purposes.

The ELB is made of 1680 count denier industrial grade nylon – the same material used on Cavallo’s Sport hoof boots.  

Easily fastened by 8 and 80 year-olds alike, the strap does not require a screwdriver, extra physical strength or any other tools.

The replaceable Velcro closure extends the working life of the ELB in the event of Velcro fatigue.

The ELB is offered on both Cavallo’s soles – our Regular Sole, (length and width equal) and our Slim Sole ( width is ¼” or 6mm narrower than length). Both soles incorporate the unique, built-in side drainage slots – which drain mud, water and sand easily and will not clog up.

Sold as single boots. Order two to get a pair.

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