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Tri-Zone All Sports Boot

by Equilibrium
Price £44.90

These boots come as a pair.

New and improved look for the Tri-Zone All Sports boot after being re-styled for ultimate comfort and fit for your horse.

This revolutionary new design combines both combatting the problem of over heating of the horse’s tendons, whilst still providing highly effective protection.

The Tri-Zone All Sports Boots are:


  • Very light and breathable but robust
  • They minimise weight on the leg to reduce injuries caused by tiredness


  • One of the most versatile boots on the market
  • Ideally suited for schooling, endurance, racing, schooling, hacking
  • Designed to be used on front or hind legs
  • Innovative Airlite layer system
  • Impact-resistant EVA outer shell and lining is hard wearing, yet still flexible, and is designed to help disperse concussion
  • Inner layer is made from shock absorbing EVA: breathable, soft pillowed lining for ultimate comfort and fit with tiny air holes to allow heat to escape, encouraging the horse’s natural cooling system of perspiration and evaporation.
  • Highly protective and ergonomically shaped integral TPU guard protects tendons 
Additional Information

Since the launch in 2009, this unique boot has fast become a tack-room staple as one of the most versatile boots on the market.
Designed to be the perfect ‘all rounder’, the Tri-Zone® All Sports boot combines great protection with breathability, flexibility and lightness. All these factors have been assessed in the laboratory and the boot then tested by leading riders for comfort and ease of use. The end result is an extremely effective boot with ventilated layered Airlite system, helping to prevent overheating of your horse’s legs which can cause long term tissue damage.

Tri-Zone All Sports Boots are very lightweight; they actually float on water, making them perfect for endurance sports where tiredness can cause injury and every ounce of extra weight is important. 

Instructions for Care
Close straps and wash in lukewarm water using mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Do not tumble dry or dry over direct heat such as radiators.

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