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 What material are the Evo Boots made from and do they come in other colours?

The Evo Boots are made from a strong, but flexible Polyurethane material.  This is UV-stable enough to pass the stringent Evo Horse standards. There is only the one colour/style at the moment.

Where are Evo Boots manufactured?

The boot parts are manufactured in Spain and Portugal.

Can I use Evo boots on both front and rear hooves?

Yes, you can.  The sizing is designed to fit wider hooves (normally the fronts) as well as narrower hooves too (normally the hinds). We recommend that you completely boot your horse for long rides. Evo Boots come in different sizes and widths so you can closely fit individual hooves.

When should I measure my horse’s hooves, just before or just after they have been trimmed?

For the welfare of your horse we recommend that you always maintain hooves in the optimum state and don’t let them overgrow. If you have your horse’s hooves trimmed on a regular basis and they never get long, you should measure the hooves directly after the last trim, or a maximum of eight days later.

Can I use pads in my Evo Boots?

You can use pads of less than 6 mm thickness. Anything thicker will compromise the fit. Consider using the Cavallo Gel or Support pads if you feel you need extra cushioning.

Can I use Evo Boots if my horse is wearing metal shoes?

The Evo Boot is a sport boot and is not designed for use over metal shoes.  If you need a boot for this purpose contact us directly for advice.  Cavallo hoof boots work well over shoes.

How long do Evo Boots last?

This is very dependent upon your individual horse and the type of riding that you are doing.  We would expect your Evo Boots to last around 1200 km or 18 months if leisure riding.  If your horse has unusual leg or foot action such as dragging the toes, then this will affect the longevity of the boots.

How do I look after my Evo Boots?

Maintenance is really easy as there are no absorbent parts. A quick rinse with water is all that is routinely required and then to allow the boots to dry.  However, to reduce the risk of bacterial build-up it is a good idea to periodically spray with a solution of 50% apple cider vinegar to water.

Can Evo Boots be used for turnout?

We do not recommend using Evo Boots for turnout as they are designed to be used where the rider is present.

How long can my horse use Evo Boots for?

It is advisable to start off using your Evo Boots for short periods of time, (30 minutes) initially, and build this up. In many cases this is not necessary, but it is a sensible precaution to ensure there is no initial rubbing, and to monitor fit.  Evo Boots are made with an anti-rubbing material and a transpirating system in its bulb shield so they are perfect for wearing over extended periods of time once your horse is used to them.  Evo hoof boots will stretch and adapt to your horse’s hooves over time, so they may be just a little tighter to fit the first few times, but once worn in, they are supremely easy to slip on and take off.

Can Evo Boots be heat moulded?

It is possible for an experienced hoof care professional to adjust the boots using heat.  This may be suitable for horses with very unusual shaped hooves.  Because of the flexibility with Evo Boots in terms of fit, this isn’t generally necessary.

Is there anything I need to do once the boots are broken in?

EVO Horse recommend that once you have established the placement for the screws, that you use Loctite® 243 (not included) on the thread to keep them firmly in place for the long term. This glue is not applied in the factory to facilitate flexibility and positioning.  Lost screws can be purchased separately, along with other spares if required.

Can the boot be adjusted to become a glue on shoe?

Without the bulb shield the shell can also be used as a glue-on shoe by hoof care professionals.  

Are Evo Boots suitable for endurance riding and sport riding?

Evo Boots utilise a transpiration system in their bulb shield so they are ideal for using over longer periods of time, such as long hacks or endurance riding. The Evo Boot is a sport boot and has been designed to perfectly fit the requirements of top riders of different disciplines such as dressage, jumping and endurance. However, you would need to check the rules for competition through the British Horse Society.

What should I do if my measurements fall between two sizes?

The best way forward is to hire the FitKit or speak directly with Horse and More. It is possible that your hoof care specialist could adapt the smaller sized boot to fit your horse using heat on the boot.  Alternatively, you could just choose the larger size.

What is the proper position for the Bulb Shield?

The Bulb Shield position and adjustment is crucial to the optimal performance of the boot. In short, we can say that it’s base should contact the hoof heel’s zone and the upper part should follow the coronary band orientation.

Can I wear studs with my Evo Boots?

Yes, you can use boot studs to increase the boot traction over ice. Horse and More stock Cavallo boot studs. When applying, it is important to keep in mind the fact that they cannot extend past the sole!  An alternative to increase the boot’s grip, is to create more and deeper grooves on the sole with a Dremel or any other similar tool. Whatever you decide, please ride with care on treacherous terrain.

My Evo Boot twists, what can I do?

Firstly, you should check that it is the correct size and properly fitted.
If still twisting you will probably need to make some adjustments.  Check out the Evo videos or contact Horse and More.

Do the boots stretch after a few uses?

With repetitive use, the Evo Boot will stretch a little and you will notice that it will slowly become moulded to your horse’s hoof shape.

Do the boots put pressure on lateral cartilages and alter the blood flow?

The Evo Boot has been designed with the hoof digital cushion and lateral cartilages in mind.  Some boots on the market are not flexible enough to let the hoof distort as it would naturally barefoot. Others put pressure directly on the lateral cartilages, and rigid closures can affect blood flow. The Evo smart lock and elasto-stop systems are flexible enough to allow the cartilages and digital cushion to work unhindered, but rigid enough to keep the boot in place.

Do Evo Boots prevent heel bulbs from overheating when being used in hot conditions?

The Evo Boot has been designed to promote excellent ventilation and breathability due to its perforated bulb shield.

Will the boots stay on in difficult conditions?

Provided the boots are fitted correctly, the Evo Boot will stay on in most circumstances. The most challenging of conditions for both metal shoes and hoof boots is deep mud.  So, if riding through a lot of mud then it may be a good idea to remove your hoof boots.

What is the weight of the EVO BOOT?
The Evo Boot in size 2 weighs 300g and is one on the lightest boots of the market. Having such a light boot is the best way to reduce the strain on a horse’s legs.

What should I do if some part of the Evo Boot breaks?
Contact Horse and More. If covered under warranty, we will replace the entire boot. If not, then we can supply specific spare parts.

The screws keep coming loose. How can I fix it?

During the production of Evo Boots, the use of any type of glue on the screws is avoided to give you the opportunity to make a proper and perfect adaptation for your horse’s hooves. When riding, there’s a lot of concussion and the screws can become loose. To fix this you just need to apply Loctite® 243 (it can be purchased in any hardware store) to the screws before securing them into the preferred position.

What can I do if I have lost a screw?
All screws are replaceable.  You just need to replace them with new ones from your spare parts bag - apply Loctite® 243 before securing them. If you run out of screws you can buy additional ones from Horse and More.

Can I do my own repairs on my Evo Boots?

Every component of the Evo Boot can be very easily replaced. The only tool required is a 2.5 mm hex key and some Loctite® 243 for use as above.






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