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How do I choose the correct size of Equine Fusion hoof boot for my horse?

Measure the length and the width of each hoof and use the size guide for each model. Alternatively,  you can print out the hoof measurement chart for measuring purposes.

The width of my horse’s hoof falls within one size and the length within the next size up/down, which size should I choose?

You have to choose the larger size of hoof boot.

My horse’s measurements are right on the borderline between sizes – which size should I choose?

Generally, if the hoof has just been trimmed and the width and length are right on the borderline between sizes, then we recommend you choose the larger size.  If the hooves are at the point where they are due for a trim, then you can choose the smaller size. However, we would recommend you use the Equine Fusion Fit Kit to be sure.

My boots are twisting, what can I do?

Firstly, check the boots are fitted correctly.  Check out our Equine Fusion videos.  Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra are good boots for hooves with twisting action.  Contact Louise 07711 685623 for advice.

Will the boots stay on when riding across rough terrain or through mud?

Provided fitted correctly, Equine Fusion hoof boots will stay on pretty much in every condition, due to the double security on the fastening systems.

How long will Equine Fusion hoof boots last?

This will vary from horse to horse. Based on experience, we expect the boots to last between 6 months and 2 years. Most of the boots last up to one year.

What do I do if the boots show a fault?

Contact Horse and More on

Stourbridge, West MIdlands DY8 2HH United Kingdom 07711 685623

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