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Horse Comfort Anti-Casting Strip

by Horse Comfort
Price £220.00

Anti-casting strips are positioned around the sides of a stable at around 1m height.  Made of EVA material the anti-casting strip helps provide a cast horse with a foothold against the wall so it can get up again, unaided and without injury. At Horse and More we don't use banks as we find the anti-casting strips very effective.

Each Anti-Cast Strip is 6 ft long made from 24 mm thick Horse Comfort mat and is supplied with fixings (see rivet image).  The strip comes in two sizes 6" depth or 8" depth. If you wish to put anti-casting strips on three sides of a 12 foot by 12 foot stable you would need 36 feet of anti-casting strip (i.e. 6 strips each 6 foot in length). 

Weight: 1.8KG per 6 foot 8" depth strip approximately.

If you wish to discuss your requirements call 01772 870060.  We can supply different quantities and different depths of strip if required.

Next day delivery is not available for this product.  Expected delivery is within 3 to 5 working days from order placement.

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