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Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot

by Cavallo SALE
Price £59.00 £75.00

Support pad offer! Horse and More are offering you a FREE pair of Cavallo Support Pads, worth £12.50, when you purchase a pair of Simple, Sport, Trek or Entry Level (ELB) hoof boots.

These will be automatically added to your order, so you do not need to add them to the basket yourselves.

For any sizes listed as out of stock for the Cavallo Trek hoof boots in black, please contact as this size may be available in either green, or black with a hint of red.


This listing is for a single hoof boot.  Order two to get a pair. The newest addition to the Cavallo line of hoof boots.  Trek boots are easy to put on and remove, and stay securely on the hoof when in use.  The upper is made from Pro Mesh moulded TPU with a patented RES Replaceable Velcro closure.  The honeycomb design of the Pro Mesh means this boot is both strong and durable as well as light in weight. The Trek Slim is built on the same sole as the original Cavallo Sport boot and fits a more oval shaped hoof.

Unique features:

  • Sole width is ¼” narrower than the sole length
  • Fits left or right hoof 
  • Has a built-in break over
  • Sure-footed, low-profile sole - built on the Sport boot sole
  • Unique tread pattern supports the frog of the foot
  • Innovative sole design provides natural heel brake
  • High-density inner rim supports load-bearing hoof wall
  • Reflective for safety

For hooves which are the same width as length go to Trek Regular.

To ensure you choose the right size of hoof boots for your horse, print off your own sizing guide.  Ensure this prints off to scale.

Go to this article for more guidance on fitting - read article 

FAQs for Cavallo Hoof Boots




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