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Cavallo Comfort Pad Yellow

by Cavallo
Price £16.00

The Cavallo Comfort Pad  - Hoof Boot Insole £16.00

Cavallo Comfort Pads are made of a unique polymer cushioning compound that absorbs shock and concussion, so your horse’s hoofs and legs don’t have to.

Ideal for use during Hoof Therapy, Rehabilitation or Extra Comfort during riding and turnout. These can be added to any Cavallo 0-6 size Hoof Boot.  

Cavallo Hoof Boot pads are valuable tools and are designed for use when your horse’s hooves are more tender.

The Comfort Pad offers relief to horses experiencing Laminitis / Founder, Thin Soles, Hoof Cracks, White Line Disease, Abscess, Thrush, Hoof Cracks, Navicular Syndrome, Stone Bruising and more!

Alternative hoof boot pad options include the Gel Pad and Support Pad, Protection Pad.

For smaller or larger Equines: Cute Little Boot Pads and Big Foot Pads are available.

Cavallo Comfort Pad Features:

  • Removeable insole providing extra cushion and comfort
  • Fits Cavallo Hoof Boots size 0-6
  • Absorbs shock and concussion
  • Can be added to Cavallo Hoof Boots to tighten boot fit
  • Comfort Pads can be doubled for additional shock-absorption and comfort
  • Can be added to the Transport Air transportation hoof boot for extra cushioning and/or to protect the boot sole during use with studs
  • Ideal for use to give extra comfort and stimulate blood circulation during hoof therapy/rehabilitation, during turnout or while riding/hacking
  • 5 mm thickness. Made of a unique polymer compound (weight: 0.275 kg per pair)



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